Switzerland discovers « Whistleblowers”

Swiss and foreing investigative reporters should be interested. A few recent initiatives in Switzerland are trying to push for a “Whistleblower Act”, a protection for people who practice leaks.

The Christoph Meili story, the ex UBS employee who discovered and revealed bank documents on the Jewish Funds, showed how Switzerland deals with “leakers”, even if they do serve public interest. Trial, contempt, public show down. Others before him have been victims. The Kopp story was also revealed by a policeman, who has been forgotten.
In other countries like the US, Britain or Sweden, laws protect the whistleblowers, not in Switzerland. Socialist MP Remo Gysin will be asking in a parliamentary initiative a judicial status for whistleblowers. The Federal Commission for banks had also a project to protect bank employees willing to reveal important inaccuracies. Swiss bankers association opposed it vigourously.
Researcher Zora Lederberger just published a book at Bern publisher “Staempfli” entitled “Whistleblowing unter dem Aspekt der Korruptionsbekämpfung ». The Swiss branch of Transparency International is also campaigning on the issue and wrote a study in 2002 entitled “La protection des whistleblowers”, by Paola Cornelli. Can be ordered at:
eMail: info@transparency.ch
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