"Cash" and "Facts" out of the market

Another space opened to investigative journalism shuts down

Each of us, investigative reporters in Switzerland, are deeply affected by the death of the two magazines Cash and Facts. These kind of journalists are still paying a high price for their bravery. And these two magazines were still practising a brave investigative journalism, opening a wide space for detail journalism, for the good of information.
In the US, in UK, in the Netherlands, in the Scandinavian countries, the print press gets a fresh wind thanks to quality papers. Readers are coming back thanks to credibility, a critical approach to power, and a will to get real informations beyond the PR statements and spin doctors. Louisiana, for instance, has been a good example, after Katrina, of the good use and the need of independent investigative journalism in a democracy, thanks to the local paper "Times Picayune".

Of course, we all know the economic pressures on publishers. But it is absurd and anachronical to kill papers who do promote investigative reporting. The threat comme from the screens. It is suicidal to practice cannibalisation inside the print press and forget about quality journalism.

When the storm will take over the print press, who is going to tell?

Jean-Philippe Ceppi
Producer Temps Présent
Télévision Suisse romande

Founder of "Swissinvestigation.net"

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