Swissinvestigation will be a sponsor in the 2011 GIJC

We are offering grants to leading investigative journalists. Registration to Kiev (13-16 oct 2011) is now opened !

Swissinvestigation.net is a sponsor of the 2011 GIJC in Kiev. We have managed to raise some money from the GIJC 2010 in Geneva and decided to contribute to an amount of 9000 euros to assist our colleagues to provide grants to leading investigative reporters from the world. We are proud to announce that the grantees will be:

Umar Cheema, a young reporter, who investigates terrorism in Pakistan and intends to open a center for investigative reporting.

Syed Nazakat from Delhi, India, was in the final round for the Daniel Pearl award in Geneva and is investigating both terrorism and corruption.

Anas A. Anas, a leading African reporter from Ghana who has specialised in undercover reporting.

Tomko Ohji, the leading investigative reporter in Japan

Alexsey Navalny, a famous blogger in Russia specialised in corruption and using crowdsourcing. The Russian answer to WikiLeaks.
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