The Swiss investigative network is an independent organisation promoting the exchange of contacts and competences between the Swiss investigative reporters and their foreign colleagues. The purpose of this non-lucrative network is to facilitate access to datas and resources and promote methods of best practices in investigative reporting.
All journalists holding a press card, free lance or employed in the media, are invited to register on our directory, if they think they are holding a useful competence on one or several given topics.
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We do invite our members to join the newly merged national investigative association. More here
Swissinvestigation and Investigativ.ch merge
Both organisations will make one to regroup their ressources and potentials More here
The "Assises du journalisme" in Geneva's Press Club
Investigative Journalism at the Times of Wickileaks is the topic of the day. Suscription opening at 12.00. More here
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A new structure and a permanent Secretariat for the network
The Global investigative network has set up a new structure and a permanent Secretariat, based in Washington. It's role is to assist Conference organisers and provide ressources to colleagues around the world. David Kaplan and his team have done a tremendous work! Have a look.
Get access to official declassified documents in Switzerland with the new transparency Law. How to proceed? Which documents?
THE reference web site in French and in German
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950 investigative reporters gathered in Norway on the 15th of October for 4 days.
Lillehammer 2015 GIJC
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By joining our Swiss network, you allow members of the international network to know your competences and your work. You just have to hold a professional card - preferably Swiss - and to have dealt with any topic in your media, on which you think you have a useful competence.
Registration is free.

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