Un communiqué de soutien à Julian Assange, de Wikileaks

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"This is a statement that members of [email protected] have written and signed on the issue of recent attacks against Wikileaks and its founder.

"We are seeking more signatures before we distribute it publicly. If you agree and wish to sign, let me know, along with the ID you wish to use.

Please pass this on to colleagues.If you are going to post this on an internet site, please use the address

[email protected]

We are collecting the emails of signatories so that we can contact them when necessary, but we will not make them public. We hope to finish the name gathering in the coming week.

Lucy Komisar [email protected]

Julian Assange, founder of the whistle-blowing organization Wikileaks, is being angrily criticized and threatened for his part in huge leaks of military documents on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (the 'War Diaries'). He is being accused of irresponsibly releasing confidential military information, of endangering lives of people named in the leaked military reports and even of espionage. Some media organizations have joined in this criticism.
We, journalists and journalist organizations from many countries, express our support for Mr Assange and Wikileaks. We believe that Mr Assange has made an outstanding contribution to transparency and accountability on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, subjects where transparency and accountability has been severely restricted by government secrecy and media control. He is being attacked for releasing information that should never have been withheld from the public.
We believe Wikileaks had the right to post confidential military documents because it was in the interest of the public to know what was happening. The documents show evidence that the US Government has misled the public about activities in Iraq and Afghanistan and that war crimes may have been committed.
Has Wikileaks endangered lives? There was legitimate criticism of Wikileaks for not vetting the Afghanistan documents fully enough, with some names such as informers being released. Fortunately there is no evidence that anyone has been injured or killed as a result. We note that Wikileaks learned from that mistake and has been much more careful with the Iraq documents. Overall, Wikileaks' factual reporting of numerous undisputed abuses and crimes is of far greater significance than the widely criticized mistakes over inadequate redacting.
Mr Assange is being personally pressured because of his involvement in the military leaks, including threats of espionage charges. Mr. Assange is no more guilty of espionage than any journalist or any whistleblower. This is a terrible precedent and one that is contrary to open government.
If it is espionage to publish documents provided by whistle blowers, then every journalist will eventually be guilty of that crime. Mr Assange deserves our support and encouragement in the face of the attacks.
Since it was launched in 2006, Wikileaks has been an extraordinary resource for journalists around the world, furthering transparency at a time when governments are reducing it. Although it is not part of the media, and does not purport to be, its mission of informing the public and reducing unjustified secrecy complements and assists our work. As grateful beneficiaries of Wikileaks and Mr Assange's work, we stand in support of them at this time.
1. Knut Ivar Aarstein, Journalist at, (Norway)
2. Thomas Alling, Editor, Danish National Broadcasting Corp., (Denmark)
3. Agendia Aloysius, freelance journalist, (Cameroon/Sweden)
4. Brigitte Alfter, freelance journalist, (Denmark)
5. Ana Arana, Directora, Fundación MEPI, Periodismo de Investigación, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de Mexico, (Mexico)
6. Kristina Borjesson, Investigative Reporter/TV Producer, (USA)
7. Tricia Bots, journalism teacher at Fontys Hogeschool, board member of Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists, (Netherlands)
8. Kim Bredesen, freelance journalist (Norway)
J. Cholo Brooks, CEO Global News Network, Inc., Publisher of The Star Newspaper, (Liberia)
10. Susan Brownmiller, author, (USA)
11. Hans Christoph Buch, writer and journalist, (Germany)
12. Thomas Buch-Andersen, journalist, Danish National Public Radio (DR-P1), (Denmark)
13. Stefan Candea, The Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism, (Romania)
14. Marc Cooper, Author and Journalist, (USA)
15. Ides Debruyne, Executive Director, The Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism, (Belgium)
16. Piet Depuydt, investigative reporter at NRC Handelsblad, chancellor Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists, (Belgium)
17. Danka Derifaj, Investigative reporter, NovaTV, (Croatia)
18. Jan (George) Frajkor, Assoc. Prof. (Ret.) School of Journalism, Carleton University, Ottawa, (Canada)
19. Jan Gunnar Furuly, Journalist, daily Aftenposten/SKUP, (Norway)
20. Henry Gombya, Editor-in-Chief, Str8talk Chronicle, London, (UK).
21. Nicky Hager, journalist, author of "Secret Power: New Zealand’s Role in the International Spy Network," (New Zealand),
22. Mansoor Hassan, Northwest editor, Urdu Times, (UK)
23. Eric Hennekam, journalism teacher Netherlands and Belgium, member of Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists, (Netherlands)
24. Doug Henwood, Left Business Observer, (USA)
25. Dwight Hines, IndyMedia, Member, Investigative Reporters and Editors (USA)
26. Staale Hansen, Journalist, Investigative journalism unit, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) (Norway)
27. Krister Clausen Hoaas , Journalist, Bergens Tidende, (Norway)
28. Otto Hostettler, Journalist, Beobachter, (Switzerland)
29. Mark Lee Hunter, Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Fellow, INSEAD, Docteur en Sciences de l'Information de l'Université de Paris 2, (France)
30. David Ibrahim, Multimedia journalist, (Lebanon)
31. Doug Ireland, U.S. correspondent, Bakchich magazine (France) and International Editor, Gay City News, New York City, (USA)
32. Milorad Ivanovic, Executive Editor, Blic daily, Belgrade (Serbia)
33. Barbara Iverson, co-publisher, (USA)
34. Solveig Gram Jensen, freelance, (France)
35. Henrik Kaufholz, asst. foreign editor at Politiken, Copenhagen, and coordinator in the network "Scoop", (Denmark)
36. Martin Kaul, journalist, Taz -Die Tageszeitung, (Germany)
37. Stetson Kennedy, Investigative journalist/historian/lecturer, fellow, Society of Professional Journalists, (USA)
38. Oleg Khomenok, SCOOP network for investigative journalists in East and Southeastern Europe coordinator, (Ukraine)
39. Lucy Komisar, investigative journalist,, (USA)
40. Ketil Kristiansen, a freelance journalist, Norway.
41. Simon Kruse, foreign correspondent, (Denmark)

42. Paul Lashmar, investigative journalist and lecturer, Brunel University, London, (UK)
43. Anne Lea Landsted, Associate Professor, Centre for Journalism, University of Southern Denmark, (Denmark)
44. Maggie Lee, freelance reporter, (USA)
45. Sasa Lekovic, Investigative Journalism Center, (Croatia)
46. David Leloup, freelance journalist (Belgium)
47. Róger Lindo, Journalist, La Opinion Newspaper, (USA)
48. Espen Reiss Mathiesen, Asst.Prof. Univeristy of Stavanger (Norway)
49. Patrick Mayoyo, (UK)
50. Gavin MacFadyen, Director, Centre for Investigative Journalism, City University, London, (UK)
51. Christian Mihr, n-ost Network for Reporting on Eastern Europe, (Germany)
52. Lars Møller, reporter and external lecturer at Danish School of Media and Journalism, (Denmark)
53. Nils Mulvad, assistant professor, Danish School of Media and Journalism and editor at Kaas & Mulvad, (Denmark)
54. Patrick Nolan, Marshall Democrat-News, Marshall Missouri, (USA)
55. Jørgen Flindt Pedersen, (Denmark)
56. Okke Ornstein, journalist,, (Netherlands/Panama)

57. Morten Øverbye, founder (Norway)
58. Paul Cristian Radu-The Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism, (Romania)
59. Gloria Reyes International Journalism, (Germany)
60. Laura Robinson, freelance journalist, member, Writers Union of Canada (Canada)
61. Matthew Rothschild, Editor, The Progressive, (USA)
62. Kirsten Rulf, WDR German Public TV, (Germany)
63. Danny Schechter, Media Channel, (USA)
64. Jon Shafer, journalist, (USA)

65. Anna Sharogradskaya, director of the Regional Press Institute, Sanit Petersburg, (Russia)
66. Joe Shea, Editor-in-Chief,, (USA)
67. Leo Sisti, writer, contributing reporter at "L'Espresso" and "Il Fatto Quotidiano", (Italy)
68. Mary Slosson, Journalist , (USA)
69. Margo Smit, freelance investigative reporter, director Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists, (Netherlands)
70. Katerina Spasovska , Assistant Professor, Western Carolain University/ former journalist (Macedonia)
71. Kannan Srinivasan, former Senior Editor, Indian Express Publications, Bombay, and Kannan Srinivasan Newsletter. (Australia)
72. Kitty Stapp, North American editor, Inter Press Service (IPS), (USA)
73. Martin Stoll, SonntagsZeitung, (Switzerland)
74. Dominique Strebel, reporter "Beobachter" (observer), Axel-Springer (Switzerland)
75. Kaka Suminta, Chairman of Indonesia Journalist Forum, (Indonesia)
76. Joy Summers Investigative Television Producer, (South Africa)
77. Elvis Tah, Buea City Reporter, The Post Newspaper (Cameroon)
78. Marleen Teugels, journalist-lecturer, (Belgium)
79. Stanimir Vaglenov, Bulgarian Investigative Journalism Center, (Bulgaria)
80. Ingrid Van Daele investigative writer at Knack, board member of Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists, (Belgium)
81. Marcel van Silfhout, investigative reporter at VARA, public TV, board member of Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists, (Netherlands)
82. Ian Williams, U.S. & UN correspondent, Tribune, London, (USA)
83. Kate Willson, reporter, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
84. Dina Yafasova, journalist, (Denmark)
85. Blaž Zgaga, freelance journalist, (Slovenia)"
eMail: [email protected]
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